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The Atomic particles are so small; but the better we look at them, the smaller they are. The ever so allusive, yet I think so obvious “Higgs Boson” to be a major player in “string theory black hole physics”. The “Higgs” particles pull matter down “Black Holes” to singularity conservation of energy gates (closed or open strings). Most singularities appear closed because we can not actually see both cross sectional ends to verify. The wormholes are open ended navigable passageways in this family type of black hole singularity. Wormholes allow transport of matter in linear formation and reassembles it on the other side, atom by atom just as all matter assemblies in creation. The Super Black holes do the same thing , only more violently. The “Higgs Boson” elemental physics are responsible for the unaccountable matter we sometimes experience in our math? Can they also be responsible for magnetic attraction in graviton particle physics? These black hole singularities are everywhere, on every scale level, through out the the Multivers”.

 ps: I have a comment on “String Theory” at a later date.

Wallace N Pettie / mallini1000.com 



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