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Just Water

Apr 18, '08 10:55 AM
by QunTam for everyone

Let’s make Water the next fuel of this Millennium for the "Nobel Peace Prize" We can do it and use the Sun in some parts of the world. I give so many things away for free and will some how give away some of the ways to harness this energy more efficiently as well.

Hint ... water will explode or separate depending how controlled its defuse temperature is approached. Depending on how much energy you want for any given time will determine how fast you want to approach this temperature or what means you want to use in doing so. A two million dollar prize is offered on the Internet for any one coming up with a re-useable fuel. What could be more reusable than water. I have several methods for doing so. Lets pool our thoughts.

Wallace N Pettie / Mallini1000com





msn-dmoore wrote on Apr 19, '08

Hello Qan Tum

You mentioned that you believe there are several methods to utilize water as a fuel.

If you want to discuss the procedures for any of your proposals, then go ahead and present your case for any or all of your ideas.












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