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"We Invent Something New From Something Old"

Water as a fuel?
String Theory
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1- Solar Energy ...  More Info read down

2- VENLODER® - Digital recording system locate them at stores and Shopping Malls

3- FRACTALS® - Reflective lighting systems Christmas Tree lighting … use no power

4- COMPUTER MOUSE ... optical truly innovative concepts

5- TOYS, PUZZELS AND GAMES CheckerMate® … and more!!

6- SIP® - Fuel injection system for older vehicles no boring necessary

7- APPLIANCES – CTW2000 waste disposal … ES2011 products for electric stoves 

         8- LiteBulb® - new lighting concept systems home owner installed
         9- E’Magic® Wall Systems if you can think it up we can put it on your wall or most anything!!
        10- CAD Device - Computer Application Device digital recording and downloading device system

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