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We The People

Believe in one power controlling all things, with a chain of command to execute everything under this great force in our universe.

Believe every gene from every ancestry exists in every individual, beginning from the very first man up until and inclusive to the genes you will pass on. Most are dormant and some are not even seen; keep in mind, we didn't see the particles below the famous three (proton, neutron, & electron) until the instruments became available, now did we.

Believe Black Holes are conservation of energy portals between universe or any quantum event no matter how small or large.. NutronMechanic.

Believe Black Holes are conservation of energy portals between universe and quantum events of inner or out space and posiably dimentional space ... NutronMechanics.

Believe Energy cannot be created or destroyed ... I say the equation is relative ... can we safely say destroy or create is a changed state of matter to a presence beyond our now ability to determine where it went or from where it came? ... I call it "Inventcreate"

Believe Anti-Matter are particles designed to gateway energy between these "Q E's". The graviton energy particles responsible for maintaining motion spin to all surrounding energy in spatial contact but not physical contact. Are there more than one configuration of Anti-Matter for each "Q E's"? Scaling from the smaller quantum events of matter as in nuclei events; to the larger scales of universe size events? The "Black Holes" are the gateways for all the event scales. These particles "anti-matter" should have anti-particles similar to regular matter wouldn’t you think?

Relativity well it's one of my most favored subjects for discussion …