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Do we need a degree in chemistry , biology, physic or can one acquire this fundamental knowledge through just observation and just paying attention to those who test these hypothesis, then create your own?. Let me present to you my observant view on the strings the scientist have hypothesized.

Can these mysterious strings be atomic particles observed in slowed down optical motion? This energy actually is the missing energy or conservation black hole energy on it's way to it's destination where ever that is. Can all or most of our general atomic particles actually be collapsed strings observed in a relevantly static optical state?

Let us visualize the center of any particle as a collapsed string black hole. This object is a clasped string that we observe in optical state (photon activity due to rise and fall of atomic activity at the core). Can you now see matter easily traveling in linear form, carried along by graviton particles (black hole “Higgs Boson” physics) to where ever it is attracted to? I say all matter travels that way in some form or another when conditions permit them to. In other words when they are not stopped or hindered in their attracted path, they will do so; it's their normal travel sequence one behind the other. 

Only when they are hindered, refracted by other obstructions deviating their normal linear motion, only then do they take random alternate paths; other wise they are pulled along by each sequential black hole. Similar activity can be recognized in transmutation; in one hole and out the next with in it's closed systems. Can you see why we visualize black holes at the center of a Universe as optical donuts? We can visualize the energy going in guided by magnetic graviton flux particles, and exiting the other side with some energy lost to photons of various current assessments.

If we ever venture into the Black Hole and live to tell about it we will see it empties matter out into the other side more than likely unharmed only to reassemble as it went in.

Strings are just observable black hole conservation energy on it's way to their destination. Strings are the covalent bonds to the controlling massive objects in the universe. Strings are graviton higgs boson particle physics at work. What do you think? Am I close or have I hit the string with the hammer straight on.

Wallace Pettie / mallini1000.com

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